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Product Details - What's New

If you already own KaVoom! KVM, you can see what version you have by selecting About from the Help menu.

New for Version 5

Primary, Secondary, or Both

A computer can now be configured as both a primary and a secondary. This means that you can use it as a primary to operate other secondaries, and you can also operate it as a secondary if you happen to be sitting at another primary. In previous versions, you had to choose one or the other during configuration.

Video Modes

KaVoom! KVM now gives you various options when the monitors on your secondary computers do not match the size of those on the primary computer. If you want, you can change the video mode of the secondary computer temporarily to match the primary computer.

Multi-Monitor Computers

Multi-monitor users now get a Switch window on each monitor of your primary computer so that you can switch each monitor independently. (A multi-monitor license is required.)

Remote Installation

KaVoom! KVM can be installed or upgraded remotely (from the primary computer). This is a great feature if you've removed the keyboard, monitor, and mouse from your secondary computer. Some restrictions apply.

Licensed users of previous versions get a discount when upgrading to version 5. To upgrade your license, scroll down to the bottom of the Purchase page for KVM.


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