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Product Details - Copy and Paste with the Shared Clipboard

If you spend time doing serious work on more than one computer, it won't be long before you need to copy and paste data from one computer to another.

KaVoom! creates a virtual clipboard that's shared between all your computers. When you copy data and then switch to another computer, the data is still available, ready to be pasted into another application.

The types of data that can be copied across the network using the clipboard include:

Text - Plain text, Unicode text, RTF (Rich Text Format), and HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) can all be copied from one computer to another.

Device independent bitmaps - Photos and other graphics can be copied from one application to another as Device Independent Bitmaps.

Application objects - Many applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel place data on the clipboard in their own special formats (such as "Microsoft Word Document Object"). Many of these objects can be copied from one computer to another.

Files - Files of any type can be copied. See the next page for details.



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