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Product Details - Sharing Computers

KaVoom! KVM gives you an effective way to share computers among a group of people. This is very useful feature for server administrators who share responsibility over a group of servers, or for any other computer professional who shares access to special software or hardware located on a particular computer.

To setup KaVoom! KVM for computer sharing, you configure multiple primary computers, one for each person who wants to have access to the shared secondary computers. When you connect to a secondary, KaVoom! notifies you immediately if someone else is using the computer with a message such as:

The computer is currently being used by John on "Austin." Last activity was 4 minutes ago.

You can then decide whether or not to take control of the computer yourself. If you take control, the next time John tries to regain control of the computer, he will be notified that you are now using it.



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