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Product Details - Comparison with Hardware KVMs

KaVoom! KVM is a superior alternative to hardware KVM switches. Here's why.

No Cables

KaVoom! KVM uses nothing but your existing network (either wireless or wired) to connect your computers together.

Hardware KVM switches, in contrast, need to be plugged into the wall for power, and also need cables connecting them to each of your computers and to your keyboard, video display, and mouse. If your other computers are in a different room, you must find a tidy way to run the cables.

Sharing Computers

You and your coworkers can share access to the secondary computers. If you switch to a computer when someone else is connected, KaVoom! KVM tells you how long ago they were using it (in case they walked away without disconnecting) so you can decide for yourself whether you want to start using it.

Copying Files

KaVoom! KVM allows you to easily copy files from one computer to another using the copy and paste commands in Explorer.

Copy and Paste using the Clipboard

KaVoom! KVM allows you to copy and paste data between computers, including plain text, HTML, RTF, bitmap graphics, and application datatype such as Microsoft Word Document Objects.


KVM switches end up costing more than you think once you add in shipping and extra cables.



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