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Customer Support - Overview

If you have a question about our products you may find an answer in one of the User's Manuals, which are the same manuals that are included when you download the software.

   Kavoom! KVM User's Manual (255 kB, PDF)
   Kavoom! KM User's Manual (101 kB, PDF)

If you have a question about purchasing or licensing the product, please email .

If you are experiencing a technical problem using a KaVoom Software product you might want to consult our list of known issues. The most common problem that people have is connecting one computer to another. Read about firewalls.

If you cannot find a solution, please send us a problem report by selecting Report a Problem from the Help menu (from the software itself, not the website). The report includes some technical information about your computer that may help us solve the problem, and is a preferrable way to report a problem rather than sending a plain email.

For other technical questions, please email .



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