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Product Details - Comparison with Remote Desktop

KaVoom! KVM is a powerful improvement over Microsoft's Remote Desktop if you're serious about operating all your computers from a single workstation.

KaVoom! KVM Transcends Logons

KaVoom! KVM does not lose its connection when you log out. You can log out and log back on using a different user name seamlessly from the primary computer.

Remote Desktop is designed such that when you log out, your remote session ends. You must create a new connection to log back on.

Quick Switching

If you are a power user operating three or more computers, you will find KaVoom! KVM unbeatable in terms of how quick and easy it is to switch from one computer to another. A single click on the Switch window is all it takes. Even better, you can assign a hot key to each computer.

No Lockout

KaVoom! KVM keeps the desktop of the secondary computer visible and functioning normally while you are controlling it from the primary. This means that you can walk over to the secondary and continue to operate it from its local keyboard. System administrators like this design because they want to monitor and control the secondary computers as unobtrusively as possible, either locally or remotely.

Remote Desktop does not permit simultaneous local and remote display/control.

Sharing is Permitted

Using KaVoom! KVM, people sitting at different primary computers can control the same secondary computer. Of course, it's not very productive to be typing or mousing at the same time, but it's often useful to be able to share the computer in a cooperative fashion. KaVoom! KVM makes this easier by telling you who else is (or was) using the computer, and how recently they were active. So even if they walked away without disconnecting, you can take control of the computer.

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