Operate your side-by-side computers using a single
keyboard and mouse.

Works with two or more, single- or multi-monitor computers.


Kavoom! KM is like a hardware keyboard-mouse switch (a KVM switch with no video connected), allowing you to operate two or more computers using a single keyboard and mouse.

You transfer control from one computer to another by moving the mouse pointer off the edge of the screen towards the other monitor. Or you can use hot keys to switch back and forth.

Key presses and mouse movements are sent over your existing network connection to the other computer. No extra hardware is required.

You can remove the extra hardware and free some space on your desk.
You can copy and paste files or other application data from one computer to another—not possible with a hardware switch.  
KaVoom! KM installs in less than a minute on each computer; no rebooting.

For Windows (only). Any version since Windows 2000.
No technical knowledge required.

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