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KaVoom! KVM: (single-monitor systems)

Start your purchase here. You can always add more computers to your license at a later date.

Purchasing for a single-monitor system is appropriate for most people. If one or more of your computers has more than one monitor then purchase a license for a multi-monitor system.


Base price, for 2 computers (one primary, one secondary):  
Plus additional computers at $ each:    
Total per system:  
Number of systems:    
  How do you plan to fund your purchase?   US$ CAN$ (@ )

Add Additional Computers to your License:

Transaction ID or receipt number that you   
are currently using to license the software:  
Add additional computers at $ each:  
How do you plan to fund your purchase?  
US$ CAN$ (@ )
  After you add additional computers, you can continue to license
the software using the transaction ID from above,
or you can use the new ones; it doesn't matter.

Prices are stated in US dollars. Once you have made a purchase, you license the software on each of your computers by entering your transaction ID (or receipt number). Doing so disables the time limitation that is present in the trial software. You can transfer the software from one computer to another at any time by first unlicensing the first computer, then entering the transaction ID (or receipt number) on the second computer.

If you have a question about purchasing licenses for KaVoom! KVM please email

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