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  Where are your computers located? Or, more importantly, where are the monitors located?

  In different rooms, or at least more than a couple meters apart. The point is that you can't see the other computer's monitor while sitting in front of your keyboard and mouse.

  Next to each other. You can comfortably look at each monitor while sitting in front of your keyboard and mouse.
  Does each computer have a monitor?   The primary computer has one or more monitors. The secondary computers do not need to have a monitor.   Each computer has one or more monitors.
  How do you switch from one computer to another?   A Switch window appears on the screen with a button for each computer. When you press a button, the video display changes to show the computer that you selected.

Alternatively, you can press a hot key instead of pressing an on-screen button.

When you switch computers, the mouse pointer remains in the same place on the screen, but the video changes.

  You move the mouse pointer off the edge of the screen towards the other monitor.

It feels like you are working on a multi-monitor computer, but in fact the monitors are connected to different computers.
  How many computers do you have?   There is no limit to the number of computers. You can have multiple primaries and multiple secondaries. Also, a computer can act as a primary sometimes and a secondary at other times.

  There is no limit to the number of computers, but since all the monitors are together on your desk, you probably have fewer than four or five.
  How is this like a hardware KVM switch?   It's just like a hardware KVM switch except that the buttons appear on the screen instead of on the box.   It's like a hardware KVM switch but without plugging in the video. In fact, it's better because moving your mouse from one monitor to another is faster and smoother than pressing a KVM button.

Product Overview...

Product Overview...
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