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Customer Support - Known Issues

Most currently known issues are covered in the Troubleshooting section of the user's manual, which you can view by selecting Help from the product's Help menu. New issues are listed here.

If you're having trouble connecting from one computer to another, read about firewalls.

KaVoom! KM

Invisible Mouse Pointer

The symptoms of this problem are:
1. Your secondary computer is running Windows 8 or later.
2. No mouse is plugged into it.
2. The mouse pointer is invisible, but
you can tell that it's there because things on the screen get highlighted when you move your mouse around.

The problem is that since no mouse is plugged in, Windows thinks that you are using a touch screen, and so it turns off the mouse pointer.

To fix the problem, you can plug in a mouse. Alternatively, some people have reported that turning on the Mouse Keys feature fixes the problem. Mouse Keys is an accessibility feature that's available in Windows Control Panel (Ease of Access). However, it doesn't work for some people.

Perhaps a better solution is to install a device driver that tricks Windows into thinking that a mouse is plugged in. The Wacom Digitizer driver works for this purpose.

On the Wacom web page you'll find this file described as follows:

Wacom Digitizer Driver for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), Vista (64-bit), XP (32-bit, 64-bit) - ThinkPad W700, W700ds, W701, W701ds

Install this device driver on your secondary computer (the one that doesn't have the mouse plugged in).

This driver works on Windows 10 for this purpose.

Remote Installation

You cannot remotely install KaVoom! KM onto a computer running Windows XP Home Edition. This is a limitation of the Home Edition. You must install the software locally.

There is a problem with Windows that might prevent you from remotely installing KaVoom! KM from a computer running Windows Server 2003 SP1. Microsoft has a hotfix available. See Microsoft's Knowledge Base article 913327.

Multiple Users on Windows XP

If you have multiple user accounts on your Windows XP computer and two or more users are logged on simultaneously, KaVoom! KM will stop working temporarily after one of the users logs off. It will resume working once the next user logs on. This means that you must use the computer's local keyboard to log on the next user.

One work-around is to use the "Switch User" feature, rather than logging off. As long as all the users remain logged on, KaVoom! KM will continue to work fine.

Another work-around is to just have one user logged on at a time, and to log off whenever you want to swtich users.

Reprogrammable Mouse Buttons

Some mice from Microsoft and Logitech have extra buttons that are reprogrammable (using configuration software that comes with the mouse). Mouse buttons that have been reprogrammed do not function when you are operating a secondary computer.

Problem using Remote Desktop Client

A problem occurs when you are running Remote Desktop client in full-screen mode on your primary computer. When you move the mouse pointer to an adjacent monitor, the mouse works fine and you can click on windows as expected, but your keypresses continue to go to the remote computer. The problem does not occur if you are using Remote Desktop in a window.

To fix the problem, you must use KaVoom! KM 3.22 or later. Add the following line to the end of the KaVoomKM.ini file, located in C:\Program Files\KaVoom! KM. Then restart KaVoom! KM.


This fix works only while the KaVoom! KM main window is hidden. This is okay, since you always want the main window hidden while you are working.

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